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Understanding the Blended Course Format

If you're enrolled in a blended course, be aware that you'll need to complete both online learning and a practical session with an approved instructor to obtain your full qualification.

Practical Session Requirements

Attending a local practical session is crucial. It allows you to practice what you've learned online, see live demonstrations by your instructor, and complete the final test in class. This hands-on experience is essential to fully meet the course requirements.

Instructor Support and Q&A

Your instructor will not only demonstrate key skills but also address any questions you may have post-course completion, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Flexible Scheduling and Minimum Time Requirements

The blended format is designed to fit into your schedule more conveniently. While there are minimum time requirements for the practical course, this format provides greater flexibility.

Pre-requisite: Online Course Completion

Completion and passing of the online course component are mandatory before you can engage in the practical module.

Assistance in Finding Local Classroom Sessions

If you need help locating a classroom session nearby or wish to arrange one at your workplace for groups, please feel free to contact us for assistance.